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    Nadia Guido-Haugh

    ‘Nurturer, truth-teller, having found the courage to belong to myself and listen to my deeper yearning for being alive and love, I am dedicated to inspire, empower and motivate people to live a life full of joy, health & love and to spread the power of the breath in Ireland.’

    As a certified Transformational Breath facilitator, qualified nutritional therapist and reiki practitioner, I offer a unique service, through compassion and creative consciousness.

    I have been practicing as a nutritional coach and therapist since 2011. I established The Breathing Room in 2018 to complement my existing nutritional practice. The Breathing Room offers a safe space to breathe, heal, grow and connect.

    My BreathWork sessions offer supported self-healing through intention setting, dynamic Conscious Connected Breathing, gentle movement and sound vibration.

    My expanding BreathWork practice not only complements my nutritional practice, it has helped many clients (individually and in group sessions) to achieve incredible changes. Through Conscious Connecting Breathing, I offer understanding, compassion and guidance with emotional issues, such as stress, relationship breakdown, overwhelm, addiction, depression and body pain. My clients have experienced radical changes and breakthroughs as a result of the breathwork sessions.

    I am a member of the International BreathWork Foundation since 2014 and the National Representative for Ireland.

    Module 1 Seminar/retreat: 1st May – 6th May 2022, Ireland with Wilna. Visit or email Nadia at

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