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    Breath is mystic and pure, it keeps revealing the essence and beauty of life, it helps choose response over reaction, it brings to the now!

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    Breathing has phenomenal impact on our nervous system. If our nervous system is not optimal then it has detrimental effects on our health, happiness, and wellbeing. With a dysfunctional nervous system, our body often functions in “fight”, “flight” or “freeze” manner. This leads to various health issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and physical health problems that pile up over time – eventually stealing us from all the joys of life.

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    Me & Breathwork…

    Nothing was good enough, I was not good enough, I need to do better, better than last time, I need to please, I need to impress, I need to fit-in, I am not worthy… These were the feelings I constantly battled in my own mind.

    Having achieved qualifications, busy climbing the corporate ladder, living and working in different cultures and continents, deep inside I always struggled living the life with presence and purpose. Despite all the hard work, struggle, and achievements, I felt empty, depressed, and lonely in the most busy and social places. In my search for personal development and intrinsic healing, I stumbled upon the breathwork and since then I haven’t looked back.

    Connected breathwork continues to show me the mirror to my essence, to my core inner longing. When I listen with love, compassion & forgiveness to my inner child, to the emotional imprints stored in every cell of my body – I bring my whole self to wherever I come. I am no longer ashamed to be seen in my imperfections and make mistakes. I feel much freer than ever. Conscious connected breathwork has helped me in managing healthy relationships, setting clear boundaries, being kind and forgiving towards myself and others, to lead, coach and mentor people I work with, and more importantly to embrace life without constant triggers and reactiveness.

    My results…

    Breathwork has taught me to notice how we perceive and navigate the world through the state of our nervous system. If we want to change our lives and those around us for better, we must first heal our inner being.

    I use Conscious Connected Breathing technique to enable and change the state of our consciousness, activate neuroplasticity, and connect with our subconscious mind. This nervous system activation creates an opportunity to release accumulated stress, emotional imprints, and traumatic events stored in the body.

    I use gentle body mapping techniques to help bring forward the bodily subconscious tension and support the breather during heavy sensations and emotions. I apply gentle bodywork to facilitate the letting go and integrate unresolved and traumatic emotional imprints stored in the body. I use music during the breath sessions to carry client through the emotional healing process. Musi works as a trigger, relaxer, creator of safe space and it plays a role of anchor to presence.

    During the breath session, I enable and support client’s nervous system from dysregulation to self-regulation – which creates healing at the subconscious level.